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You have a team, not just an attorney. We bring teamwork, talent and tenacity to each of our cases.

What makes our law firm stand out? Several things. Our depth of knowledge in personal injury and civil litigation, our trial experience, our collaborative approach, and our small case load. Not to mention our friendly, down-to-earth nature.

Small is good. So is smart.

Limited Number of Cases

Unlike most law firms, we handle only a limited number of cases at a time. That allows us to devote more attention and resources to you. We don’t pride ourselves on becoming yet another successful law firm. We pride ourselves on how we get there.

Top Law School Talent

Our team includes Portland lawyers with experience, compassion, and passion for our work helping people who have experienced injury or loss. Our credentials demonstrate our commitment to the profession and our clients.

Personal injury cases and more.

Our Practice Areas

We represent clients in a wide range of matters, including car accidents, product liability, negligence, elder mistreatment and nursing home injuries, sexual abuse, wrongful death, bike accidents, unfair trade practices and fraud.

Every Case is Different

We begin by drilling down and investigating the details to gain a thorough understanding of your particular situation. It’s likely that we’ve handled a case similar to yours before, and we know how to resolve it successfully.

Peace of mind.

What do our clients say?

“Working with the Forum Law Group was a great experience. They are kind, helpful, respectful, and helped me to understand the process and what to expect.” – Client H.B.

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