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Home & Business Liability

Businesses and homeowners must keep you in mind.

Property owners and managers have a duty to protect others from dangerous conditions on their property in certain circumstances. Dangerous conditions may occur in many circumstances.

Apartment and Home Rentals. A landlord’s failure to maintain their rentals has been known to cause injuries. Some examples are injuries caused by children falling from windows that do not have working latches or window guards, broken steps, cracked sidewalks, inadequate security, and fires from poor electrical wiring. Injuries can also be caused from holes on the property, a hole in the driveway or a hole in the sidewalk or grass, and dangerous power lines.

Hotels and Motels. Hotel/motel owners and managers have been known to cause injury by having dimly or poorly lighted walkways, parking lots, and stairs. Hot water temperatures that have been maintained at scalding temperatures have also been known to cause injury to hotel guests. Hotel guests have fallen down hotel stairs and have fallen on slippery bathroom floors.

Restaurants and Bars. At restaurants and bars, customers can fall if the establishment fails to keep floors, stairs and walkways free from spills and other hazards. Please see our Liquor Liability Section for more information about claims against bars.

Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls and Department Stores. The negligence of employees at grocery stores or supermarkets can cause many dangerous conditions and injuries: Injuries have been known to occur even in major stores such as Albertsons, Wal-Mart, Safeway and Fred Meyer.

Homes and Condominium or Homeowner Associations.
Homeowners can sometimes be held liable for persons injured on their property, although it is usually the homeowners insurance company that pays for the injuries. Even if home owner is not at fault for the injury, the homeowner’s insurance policy may pay some limited “med pay” benefits for the medical bills.